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Request for abolishment of motherhood priority principle [Political request
/ Legislative request / Judicial request]
We request to abolish motherhood priority principle regarding attribution of
parental authority as well as to establish a system by which children may
determine where to stay on their own right of self-determination within a
range of close relatives.
In Japan where motherhood priority has been firmly secured, small children
are automatically entrusted to mothers on a priority basis in most cases
even if the mother has problems of DV or child abuse or the children have a
strong will to stay at their fathers’ house and therefore, it almost means
mothers practically have ownership of their children (slavery).
Even if children escaped from their mothers, a right of mothers to collect
their children takes priority over a right of children to escape.
While abduction, captivity and abuse by mothers are uncontrolled, people at
children’s escape destination are rather punished and mothers are even
protected by public authority’s cooperation for collecting their children.

Even though they may be arrested by child abuse if the abuse is at extreme
with clear evidence reaching at a level unable to be concealed, it’s only
the tip of the iceberg just like a case that a person who abused animal is
arrested by an animal law.
Many of child abuse cases may be prevented just by approving children with
self-determination right (mainly a freedom of escape to their close
 Equality between the sexes, freedom from bondage of any kind, freedom of
residence and transfer, and a right to seek for happiness are stipulated in
Articles 14, 18, 22, and 13 of the Constitution, respectively.
Even though Japan has acceded Hague Convention and taking-off of children
is illegal globally, such behavior by mothers is not controlled within
Therefore, we firmly request to abolish motherhood priority principle
which forms a hotbed of child abuse as well as to establish a system to
approve a right of self-determination for children to select where to stay.