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2018/10 kidnap by Jap

child abduction by parent in Japan [English]

The reason why we can not hear the voice of abuse in Japan is just the
operation of the political power side that it does not pick up as much as
possible even if it is heard.
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The court should explicitly state that the political meeting is the lower
limit and that there is no upper limit (there is no authority to interfere
with free meeting between people wanting each other).
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Principle of brothers and sisters nonseparation is child abuse mass
production theory ignoring that discrimination among brothers is not
uncommon. Child abuse can not be prevented except for guaranteeing the right
of individual children's freedom.
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Even a real parent can not acquire information that a child is being abused
in Japan. In addition, children often can not have contacts to the living
separate parent, or there is no way to escape to a place of the separate
parent. Child abuse can not be prevented but guaranteeing the freedom of the
child and guaranteeing the right to know where the separate parent lives.
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The first problem is the court's operation that children's intentions are
not considered until junior high school. Even if the child is a DV victim
and the person himself wants to escape,children are dominated by the mother
living together, because it is determined by living parent's priority and
mother's priority. It seems to be obvious what will happen if that operation
is applied to the entire society without children's right to know and freedom to escape.
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